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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mental Lint: Nipper Comes Home, Ng Passed By, Cameron on the Move?

A few thoughts clogging my cranial vent:

  • The word today is that former Red Sox pitcher Al Nipper has rejoined the team as bullpen coach. He and Roger Clemens were best pals in the years sandwiching the team’s 1986 World Series appearance, and he has spent the last batch of years instructing, coaching, and mentoring at both the major and minor league levels for several teams including the Red Sox. It is nice to that he’ll be at Fenway again, and his steadying influence on our young, up-and-coming hurlers should be welcome indeed.
  • The Dodgers yesterday introduced former Giants assistant general manager Ned Colletti as their new GM, passing over their own highly-regarded AGM, Kim Ng, in the process. Ng is the highest-ranking female executive in baseball today, and it was widely speculated that she would be given the Dodger job. Since this did not occur, one wonders what feelings Ng now may be harboring, and whether the opportunity now exists for the Red Sox to scoop her up. Breaking this very important gender barrier may be the team’s best way out of its current publicity fogbank, but Ng has three years left on her contract and has stated her intention to remain in LA. Still, it is hard to imagine that the Dodgers would stand in her way should the Sox come a-knockin’, and I for one will hold out hope that this may yet happen.
  • Mets outfielder Mike Cameron apparently is on his way to San Diego. Assuming he passes a vision test to ensure no problems remain from his August collision with Carlos Beltran, Cameron reportedly will be swapped for Xavier Nady, who is expected to play right field in New York. The Red Sox angle on this has two parts: first, Cameron was said to be at the center of this summer’s Manny-to-the-Mets trade talks, and second, the Sox and the Padres apparently now are discussing ways to return David Wells to his San Diego home. Don’t be surprised if Wells and a minor leaguer are shipped West for Cameron and a young arm – and if that happens, be prepared for Johnny Damon to be given a final offer that he can refuse, and then for him to move on.
That’s all for now – see you at the ballyard!


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