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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ramirez to Mets After All? Ain’t No Privacy There!

The Boston Herald today is reporting that a deal between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets for left fielder Manny Ramirez still may be possible. According the paper, Ramirez would be traded for center fielder Mike Cameron and two of these three prospects: Lastings Milledge (OF), Aaron Heilman (RHP) and Yusmeiro Petit (RHP). The Boston Globe, on the other hand, says such a move is unlikely, quoting a Sox decision-maker as saying, “That’s a non-issue right now.” It is unclear to this observer, however, whether we’re to focus on the “non-issue” or the “right now” parts of this statement, so perhaps discussions are indeed ongoing.

The greatest puzzle in this – big surprise! – is Manny himself, for there are as many reports that he wants to stay in Boston as there are those that he wants to go elsewhere. Ramirez has famously decried the lack of privacy he feels living here in Boston – though immediately after he did so, he and his family were the subject of a big spread in Boston Globe Magazine. So it’s hard to know just what to think. But as a 10-5 guy, he ultimately will have to make the decision, and then, of course, live with the consequences.

For the moment, let’s take him at his word and assume he is feeling put-upon as a public figure. Why then would he even consider a move to New York? It seems to me that relocating to the media capital of the world would not be in the best interests of someone who wants to avoid the off-field spotlight. Did he not notice what happened to Randy Johnson the first time he set foot in Manhattan? And I hardly think Manny, being Manny, will really want to spend all his downtime behind the suburban fences of Long Island.

As a Sox fan, I’m conflicted by reports such as today’s, for I love Ramirez’ production but can’t abide his complaining. So I’ll miss him if he goes, and will celebrate him if he stays. But either way, I know I’ll be reading plenty about him!


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