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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dark Cloud Has Gold Lining: Varitek Wins Top Fielding Honors While Theo Teeth-Gnashing Continues

Woe are the Red Sox! Genius GM Theo Epstein has been allowed/forced to get away, Manny wants out (again), Damon’s neither here (Fenway) nor there (Yankee Stadium? Los Anaheim Field?), we’ve got no bullpen (El Guapo, where are you now that we need you?), and the sky is falling, too!

But then, over all the teeth-gnashing surrounding Epstein’s departure, came the sound of the announcement that catcher Jason Varitek has won the Gold Glove Award at his position! He is the first member of the Red Sox to garner this particular prize since Tony Pena won it in 1991, and it’s nice to see someone so deserving actually take home the honor.

The coming days and weeks no doubt will be fraught with speculation, angst, and innuendo as the Sox brain trust picks up the pieces of its shattered image. But before we become too downtrodden, let’s take a moment to celebrate Varitek’s achievement, and to appreciate what we still have. There will be plenty of time later to be fitted for braces!


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