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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Days of 'Wonder'

Back from vacation, and I can’t help but wonder …

… why MLB All Stars wear their league uniforms when participating in the home run derby, which is a contest among individuals, and their individual team uniforms when playing in the actual Game, which is a contest between the leagues.

… why MLB Commissioner Bud Selig thinks it’s a good idea for All Star pitchers to be held out of games so they can be fresh for the interleague matchup. Can he really believe this exhibition is more important than a regular-season contest?

… why Red Sox fans were deprived years ago of a new ballpark along the waterfront a la those in San Francisco and Pittsburgh – and thus the opportunity to watch Big Papi hit balls into Boston Harbor!

… why baseballs on a trajectory to clear the outfield fence in indoor stadiums (viz. the Metrodome, Tropicana Field) but striking overhead speakers and catwalks before doing so aren’t counted as home runs – and why the rules ever would be any different for balls hitting such obstructions in fair territory vs. foul.

… why so many home runs are being hit so early in the Cape League season, when hitters usually struggle to adjust to using a wood bat.


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