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Friday, June 09, 2006

Catfish, the Jays, and a Draft Story for the Ages

• Who was that out there on the mound for the Red Sox last night, Catfish Hunter? No, it was Curt Schilling, who gave up three solo homers to the New York Yankees on his way to a 9-3 victory. Hunter, of course, was known for giving up bunches of bases-empty dingers himself, and it didn’t keep him from being inducted into the Hall of Fame. So this observer isn’t really worried: as long as the Sox hit even a little bit and continue to play solid defense, Schilling – and the team – should be all right indeed.

Beware the Blue Jays! While the BoSox have been doing battle with the Yankees, the talented team from Toronto has been more than holding its own. The Jays today are only two games behind the Sox and would be in first place by a game if only they played in the AL West. I’m not ready to declare they’ll make the post-season when all is said and done, but they are good enough to represent a threat to Boston and New York should either of these two clubs falter.

• A conversation yesterday about the MLB Draft yesterday reminded me of just how remarkable Tim Lincecum’s story truly is. I was in Harwich last summer when a line drive hit him squarely in the head in a Cape League game against Brewster, and few on the scene that night thought he’d return to the mound at all, never mind be as effective as he since has been. Remember too, that Lincecum was a starter when he went down and a reliever when he came back, and he clearly had no problem making that adjustment – even as he had to find the physical courage to again occupy the line of fire. The San Francisco Giants picked a winner when they took Lincecum with their first selection this week (number 10 overall), and one can’t help but wish him the best.


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