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Thursday, January 12, 2006

BoSox Arms Buildup Prelude to Coming Trades?

– Tavarez Signing Brings Number of Worthy Moundsmen to 18 –

Devotee that I am of pitching and defense, I can’t say that it’s a bad thing. But having now apparently signed righthanded reliever Julian Tavarez to a two-year contract, the Boston Red Sox currently control 18 pitchers – not counting ‘untouchables’ Craig Hansen and Jon Lester – who are at or near the major league level (see chart below). This is the sort of depth we’re accustomed to seeing in Atlanta or Oakland, and it’s getting to seem like overkill even for an organization that historically is pitching-poor. My guess is that the club is using its deep pockets to stockpile the one talent everybody needs, and in the process position itself to trade for the shortstop and center fielder it currently craves. The next question is: who are we going to get? Stay tuned!

Pitchers on Parade

On the Big Stage:

SP Arroyo
SP Beckett
SP Clement
SP Papelbon
SP Schilling
SP Wakefield
SP Wells (LHP)
RP DiNardo (LHP)
RP Foulke
RP Mota
RP Seanez
RP Tavarez
RP Timlin
RP Vermilyea

In the Wings:

Alvarez (LHP)
Delcarmen (RHP)
Meredith (RHP)
Van Buren (RHP)


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