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Thursday, December 22, 2005

So Who's in Center? The Globe Lists Some Possibilities

Profiles of some of the leading candidates to play center field for the Red Sox can be found on the Globe Web site. My take follows below:

Coco Crisp: Cleveland's already indicated they'd prefer to hang on to him. Great name, though: imagine the breakfast foods possibilties! Likelihood of acquisition: 10%

Dave Roberts: As the financial disclaimers always warn, "past performance is no indicator of future results." A fan favorite to be sure, but he's no Damon except in the speed category, and the expectations probably would spell public doom. Likelihood of acquisition: 40%

Torii Hunter: Forget about it, as he's too important to whatever chance the Twins have of competing this year. Could be available for trade by mid-year, though, if Minnesota falls back. Likelihood of acquisition: <5%

Jeremy Reed: Possible, and acceptable, as he's solid in the field, and I'm a pitching-and-defense guy even at the cost of some pop at the plate. Worth trading Clement for? Absolutely. Arroyo? Perhaps. Likelihood of acquisition: 65%

Corey Patterson: Possible, but less acceptable, as his attitude can be suspect (and the Sox already have an outfielder like that!). Likelihood of acquisition: 5%

Joey Gathright: Young and fast and intriguing indeed. Doesn't hit much, but I like his bat-handling capabilities and his raw speed. Forget the prior difficulties of dealing with Tampa Bay; it's a new era there and here. Likelihood of acquisition: 30%

Just my $0.02. Enjoy!


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