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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Intriguing Names From the Red Sox Rumor Mill

– The Winter Meeting rumor mill yesterday produced some very interesting names as would-be Boston Red Sox –

With the baseball Winter Meeting in full swing, the rumor mill cranked in high gear yesterday, and some very interesting names surfaced as possible additions-by-trade for your Boston Red Sox. Among the most intriguing to this observer are Mark Loretta, who would quite nicely fill the hole for a starter at second base, and Julio Lugo, who would neatly step in at shortstop to replace Edgar Renteria, who is speculated to be on his way to Atlanta, which just lost Rafael Furcal to the Dodgers. (See how the wheel spins?)

Just for grins, here are my thoughts as to what the Sox roster could look like if (scenario 1) things remain more or less as they are today or (scenario 2) if Renteria becomes a Brave and Ramirez and Wells are traded as anticipated. Both scenarios, by the way, presume Johnny Damon resigns with the club (which I believe likely), and neither is especially rife with lefties. But here they are, just the same.

Finally, let us salute John Olerud on the occasion of his retirement – a classier, more sure-handed first baseman there never was. Your presence and prowess with both the glove and the bat surely will be missed!

            Scenario 1: Roster      Scenario 2: Ramirez,
Position    Largely as-is Today     Renteria, Wells Gone

Infielders (8)
C           Varitek                 Varitek
            Mirabelli               Shoppach
1B          Youkilis                Lowell
2B          Graffanino              Loretta
            Cora                    Cora
SS          Renteria                Lugo
3B          Lowell                  Glaus
Bench       Pedroia                 Youkilis

Outfielders (4)
LF          Ramirez                 Jones
CF          Damon                   Damon
RF          Nixon                   Nixon
4th OF      Stern                   Stern

DH          Ortiz                   Ortiz

Pitchers (12)
SP          Schilling               Schilling
SP          Beckett                 Beckett
SP          Wells                   Clement
SP          Wakefield               Wakefield
SP          Clement                 Papelbon
RP          Arroyo                  Arroyo
RP          Bradford                Bradford
RP          DiNardo                 Delcarmen
RP          Foulke                  DiNardo
RP          Papelbon                Foulke
RP          Timlin                  Timlin
RP          Van Buren               Van Buren

Minor league arms on call:
Alvarez (LHP)
Delcarmen (RHP)
Hansen (RHP)
Lester (LHP)
Meredith (RHP)
Mota (RHP)


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