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Friday, April 07, 2006

Observations from Opening Week

Kudos to Terry Francona for not succumbing to the temptation to show his support for Keith Foulke by using him to close the rubber game of the Texas series … no doubt, he’s pulling for Foulke to regain his former effectiveness (aren’t we all!), but there are games to be won. With the score at only 2-1, Jonathan Papelbon clearly was the better choice, even if he had blown the save.

And by the way? Wins in April are worth just as much as wins in September. So for all of you who are comforted after defeats by the thought that “it’s OK; it’s early,” remember that a single victory last season was the difference between winning the East and not.

How exciting is it to watch Coco Crisp play! The guy hustles all the time and seems to be enjoying every moment. Imagine actually having fun while playing baseball for a living – and daring to let it show besides!

It occurred to me the other day that should the Red Sox’s new third baseman find himself in need of a minor league rehab assignment (perish the thought!), he could possibly find himself wearing “Lowell” on both the front and back of his jersey. I’ve got an imaginary $20 bill for anyone who can contribute another example of this same bit of silliness.

With minor league rosters mostly set, I was able to locate most of the two dozen players I profiled in my Cape League book who subsequently went to the pros. To see the current list, click here – and if you know of other such sightings, please let me know!


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