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Monday, February 27, 2006

Soriano to Boston? Puh-leeze!

Can you believe the nonsense on the sports talk radio this afternoon? Do people really think the Red Sox are going to trade Matt Clement (or anybody else, for that matter) to the Nationals for Alfonso Soriano? Come on, now. If there’s one position at which the Sox are especially well off, it’s second base: I count Mark Loretta, Alex Cora, Tony Graffanino, and Dustin Pedroia as being suitable for framing right now. Even if Graffanino departs via trade as expected, there’s still no room for Soriano at the center of the diamond – and given the latter’s propensity for petulance, I sure wouldn’t move any of the other guys just to make room for him.

Now, if Soriano were to decide that he’d move to the outfield, well, things might get interesting since the Sox are not as deep out there. But it’s not like they have gaping holes begging to be filled, and besides, he’s already made it abundantly clear that he’s not willing to switch positions – which is why Washington is looking to send him away in the first place. The Nats, of course, acquired him from Texas expressly to patrol the green pastures of RFK despite the fact that he’d already fought and won this battle while with the Rangers. I don’t know why anyone thought he’d change his mind then just because he changed uniforms, and I don’t know why anyone would expect him to do so now. So you can forget about this little scenario.

I do know that any trade of Soriano will keep us from seeing what happens when Washington’s fiery manager Frank Robinson finally has his fill of Soriano’s “me first” attitude. That explosion promises to be fun to watch – from a safe distance – and may be the best reason of all to hope Soriano stays put.


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