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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Who Will Stay and Who Will Go?

Barely one week after the '06 season has ended, it's the biggest question on the minds of all citizens of Red Sox Nation. Some thoughts on some high-profile choices:

Epstein: Boy wonder wants big bucks? Given the successes he's wrought, who's to say he doesn't deserve them? He'll re-up for more money and more authority, but for somewhat less of each than reports are he wants. Result: he stays.

Damon: Clearly torn between wanting to stay and wanting the jackpot. Sparkplug, leader of the pack; can run but not throw. Result: he goes.

Millar: The cattle drive is over, and this cowboy will have to ride off into the sunset. Result: he goes.

Mueller: Steady presence worth trying to recruit, but only to a point ... especially with the Greek God of Walks waiting in the wings. Result: he goes, and the Youkilis Era is upon us.

Ramirez: Manny being Manny? Only until the team stops winning, and/or he stops producing. Remaining contract still large but getting movable for deep-pocket teams. Still, limited opportunities exist to receive value-for-value. Result: he stays, at least until next July.

Cora-nino: Error or no, Graffanino is my guy. But with Pedroia and Ramirez (H) on the way, do we need both him and Cora? Maybe for a year, but it'll be hard to sign either or both for less than long-term. Result: Tony goes, Alex stays.

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