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Friday, January 20, 2006

Theo Returns in a Role to be Named Later

– No Details, But No Matter: He’s Clearly the Man to See –

Well, it’s official: Theo Epstein is rejoining the Red Sox. OK; so maybe it isn’t official. But reports this morning are that principal owner John Henry emailed the media last night to alert them to the fact that Epstein would be returning to the team. The post he will hold, however, apparently has not yet been determined, and from a managerial/organizational perspective, it will be both interesting and irrelevant to see who is designated as the man to see when there are issues to see the Sox about.

Wanna make a trade or negotiate a contract? Then who do you call: Cherington, Hoyer, or Epstein? Never mind what it will say on their respective business cards – if I’m an opposing GM or a player agent, I call Theo, and no Sox pronouncements or press releases are likely to change my approach. We’re talking about someone who went from being Golden Boy to The Man in just three years, and it’s folly to think the baseball world will forget about this just because they're told to.

So welcome back, Theo, and get ready to rumble: you ain't seen nothin' yet!


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